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Bird Photography Trip to Chocó

Are you a bird enthusiast looking for your next adventure?

Look no further than Ecuador!

The world's largest bird diversity

Ecuador’s bird life is something truly special. In a small country that is only about the size of Colorado, Ecuador is a cauldron of biodiversity! The country is known for having the greatest biodiversity in birds and contains no less than 1659 different species. On this particular trip, which is primarily focused on the Chocó region, there are fantastic opportunities to see a wide range of amazing birds.

It is by no means unthinkable to see up to 350 different species on this trip, including over 50 different species of hummingbirds. An amazing nature experience is guaranteed when we visit well-known playing areas for the Cock-of-the-rock and when we search for the Andean Condor in Ecuador’s Paramo. Whether you simply love nature or you are a true bird enthusiast, Ecuador’s bird life is guaranteed to be an incredible experience.

Eco-lodges specializing in birds

On this trip to Ecuador, we have selected some of Ecuador’s most renowned and best eco-lodges specializing in birds! At both Bellavista Lodge, San Isidro Lodge, and Wildsumaco Lodge, we will be staying in the heart of some of Ecuador’s best areas for bird watching, especially for endemic species in the Chocó region. These lodges are known worldwide among bird enthusiasts and are a “must” on a bird watching trip in the Chocó region if you want to stay in places where the birds are drawn right up to the lodge.

Each lodge also uses a portion of their profits to buy up more of the surrounding land, both forest and farmland, to protect flora and fauna. Thus, you are also directly contributing to the protection of more areas for the benefit of biodiversity.

Local expert as bird photography guide.

Join us in actively preserving nature on our trips!

On this trip, we use specially selected lodges that donate a portion of their profits to purchase more of the surrounding land, both forest and agricultural land, to protect flora and fauna. So as a participant, YOU are also directly involved in protecting more areas for the benefit of biodiversity.

More than just birding

This tour is not only about birding, it is about hanging with fellow nature lovers and nature photographers. This experience is not designed for bird listers, it is specially thought for photography lovers. Thus we have selected not only spots which are good for birdwatching but also the itinerary is designed for great shot opportunities. We have taken into account proximity to birds and good light for your photos.

Trip Information:

  • Focus on photography of birds and nature in general
  • Changes to the program may occur due to weather and road conditions
  • Maximum of 12 participants on this trip
  • Reasonably good physical shape is required
  • Accommodations include hotels of good standard and specially selected eco-lodges
  • Possibility to extend the trip with Galapagos

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