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Travel in Ecuador for the first time

Most travelers are looking for new destinations away from Europe and Asia to visit and they are turning their eyes into South America.  The main reason for travelers to come is the great diversity that of wildlife, landscapes and ecosystems, towns and cities and people as well.  Most of the countries are Spanish speaking and it can be a great idea to learn a few phrases and commands in this language.


Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America but it has a lot to offer. If you have heard from Ecuador you should know that the Galapagos Islands belong to the country as well as the beautiful beaches in the pacific coast with warm waters all year long, the Andes or Sierra with its active volcanoes, green valleys and local indigenous people and markets and the Amazon Rainforest with the highest diversity in the world.

In Ecuador we have a great road system well signaled to move from city to city and destination to destination. For sure we have some of the best roads in South America. There are different ways of moving around the country: Public buses are available to all destinations, rental cars and shared trips with some tour operators as well. However, if your plan is to visit the country “off the beaten path”, Private tours and customized tours are your kind of trips. You will go with a local guide that speaks great English and knows all the country and will show you the different destinations that not everyone goes to, together with those that must be visited and are popular.


Ecuador use the American US dollar. If you come from the United States there is not necessity of changing any money. For everyone else is more common to do this change than any other one.


On the big cities you do find pick pockets and rovers but that is as far as it goes in terms of danger. To avoid uncomfortable situations  it is always important to have some common sense when you visit a big city. Do not go walking on dark streets on late ours of the day and try to walk on streets where you see people moving around. In the small towns and cities there are almost no insecurity and people live in a more relaxed way. Most people in this country are very friendly and kind and are always looking forward to help visitors and travelers. Some speak English but it is not something you will find everywhere.

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